Coral World

A rare opportunity to enter the rich underwater world of the Red Sea. The park displays a wealth of marine creatures in aquariums, a shark pool, a turtle and manta ray pool, a huge circular aquarium, the Amazon exhibit showing creatures from the Amazon river, and two underwater observatories, which will bring you close to […]

Timna Park

A historical site in the middle of the desert tells a riveting story and offers activities for the entire family. Among the sites in the park: the mines of time – a 360 degree movie, hiking routes ranging from easy to adventurous, a colored-sand bottle filling site, a Bedouin tent offering a wide variety of […]


An amazing cinematic experience! The most advanced 3D technology in the world! A huge 8-story-high screen! The IMAX3D offers a virtual movie experience with enormous high-quality images, sharp sound and exciting shows. At IMAX you will also find the wax museum – IMAX Eilat hosts the Amsterdam Wax Museum where you will meet movie stars, […]

The Kings City

A fantasy for the entire family awaits you in a fabulous palace containing a vast amount of activities and exhilarating experiences. Ancient kings, hidden caves, a breathtaking boat-ride, adventures and special interactive challenges.

The Dolphin Reef

A one-of-a-kind ecological site allowing you to enjoy a beautiful natural stretch of the beach, a magical view and watching dolphins in their natural habitat. The floating piers and observation points make it possible to encounter dolphins up-close-and-personal, and why not try a guided swim or dive with experienced, qualified diving instructors? Back on the […]